Lionel Habasque
Vice director of Voyageurs du Monde and Director of Voyageurs du Monde Foundation

The unusual career path of Lionel Habasque is already quite an adventure. An Applied Mathematics engineer bytraining and actuary at the Institute of Statistics (ISUP), he seemed destined tofinance.

From 1988, he successively held various managerial positions in many financial institutions before joining FININFO as Chief Executive in 1992.

The regular practise of hiking sport with his family and frequenttravels allow him to escape from the highly stressful world of financial markets.

His growing passion for travelling finallyled him to partner with his long-time friends Jean François Rial and AlainCapestan, on the acquisition of Voyageurs du Monde in 2004 becoming one of its CEOand Managing Director of Terres d’Aventure.

As he often say : « Worlds offinance and travel are quite similar for it is a matter of effective financialmanagement, except that Terres d’Aventure’s figures invite us to dream ! ».

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