Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury
Researcher specialized in tropical forest ecology

Official of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, working inthe "Forests and Societies" research unit of CIRAD (InternationalCooperation Centre of Agricultural Research for Development)

Since its positioning in CIRAD in 1989, SylvieGourlet-Fleury has developed a scientific career that has led her from thestudy and the modelling of dense tropical rainforests dynamics to predict theirfuture, to an increasing involvement in understanding their ecological functioningin order to ensure their sustainability. Her original objective was to identifywhich logging rules would guarantee the sustainability of timber exploitation.This objective now includes issues related to climate change, with anunderstanding of the likely interaction between logging intensity and climatechange.

To achieve this, S. Gourlet-Fleury has participated in anddirected numerous projects on forest ecology and dynamics in French Guiana and,since 2009, in Central Africa. In this region, these projects have led to theestablishment of a network of large permanent sample plots and trails allowingto follow forests and tree populations dynamics based on an original concept,and a unique database on the composition and structure of these denserainforests and their evolution over time: it is part of the results of theanalysis of these data that is the subject of her presentation.

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